Dengue Fever Symptoms - 10 Dengue Fever Symptoms

One of the dreadful diseases which is now prevalent in some Asian countries such as the Philippines and India have caused panic, pain, and grief to those people who have lost their loved ones with a simple sting of a mosquito known as the Aedes aegypti. It does not choose people, the moment it bites you, symptoms would start to occur and appear. It is much harder for infants and kids since they cannot even explain the things that they feel inside their body and most of the time, they would just cry. Hence, with teenagers and young adults, they can explain how they feel and which part of their body they feel pain. Yet, it does not mean that their lives are exempted from any death threats. For us to be proactive together with our loved ones against this striking and epidemic Dengue disease, which commonly happens in tropical countries and areas of the world, observe these 10 symptoms to avoid any dangers and complications.

dengue fever 10 Dengue Fever Symptoms
10. Loss of Appetite
10. Loss of Appetite e1316538955927 10 Dengue Fever Symptoms

This is the first common symptom, which cannot be identified right away that an individual has dengue fever because at times, it could be due to restlessness, especially if the person is working or active in school. At times, this is associated with too much stress. Hence, this is the first symptom that one has to observe, particularly where parents have to be vigilant for their kids and infants.
9. Nausea and Vomiting
9. Nausea and Vomiting e1316539060384 10 Dengue Fever Symptoms

This is included with the common or mild symptoms of dengue where appetite to eat has decreased. This is apparent within the first 4 hours after Aedes aegypti left a sting on its victims. This is also normal to all who have fever since the virus that exhibits in the body and running in the blood vessels that causes irregular function in the whole body system, is creating an impact.
8. Chills
8. Chills e1316539121587 10 Dengue Fever Symptoms 
It happens because the virus is slowly spreading that decreases blood pressure. The body becomes weak and it cannot produce sufficient energy to produce normal heat that regulates body temperature. This is the kind of poison that the sting of Aedes aegypti leaves to its victim. It destroys the immune system, which is one of the reasons why there are more complications or complexities happening to infants and kids since their body is not as stable to fight and protect diseases. Their bodies are not yet developed
7. Pain behind the eyes
7. Pain behind the eyes e1316539199600 10 Dengue Fever Symptoms

The person would start to feel pain on the side of their eyes then a swelling motion or heat. A feeling of tiredness on the eyes can be felt where an individual would choose to sleep more than stay awake. However, for infants, a feeling of irritation will be manifested where they cry more and move their bodies.
6. Painful Aching In Legs
Leg Pain 10 Dengue Fever Symptoms 
This is the start of other body pains but this is part of the earlier signs during the first few days where a severe ache could be felt in the legs. Some do not actually experience this symptom but the seventh to tenth signs, they are becoming common that can be used a guide to be cautious and on guard to avoid any serious problems, especially if the case has been aggravated.
5. Rapid Climb of High Fever
5. Rapid Climb of High Fever e1316539372340 10 Dengue Fever Symptoms

First, you would feel that it is just a normal fever with a typical temperature that can be recorded and manifested. But as hours and days pass by, a rapid climb of body temperature can be noted. This is the reason that you have to monitor body heat proactively so you could know the difference. There is also a sudden drop down of temperature. This is critical and you should not be complacent because it is a sign that the virus has invaded the body.
4. Severe Headaches
4. Severe Headaches e1316539465348 10 Dengue Fever Symptoms

Along with nausea, vomiting, and pain in legs, headache is associated with mild to high temperatures due to fever. To those who are experiencing it consistently where the pain increases each day, should better go to a nearby hospital for them to be checked. Home remedies are not sufficient to alleviate headaches because the root cause is not yet treated or identified.
3. Muscle and Joint Pain
3. Muscle and Joint Pain e1316539943120 10 Dengue Fever Symptoms

This is one of the obvious symptoms of dengue since the basic symptoms from four to ten days have been shown. It is an indication that the virus has totally incubated in the body system. It causes weakening to joints and muscles, especially in the lower and upper back of the body. At times, people identify this symptom for malaria, which everyone is almost aware, has the same signs. Hence, both are dangerous to the health and the life of everyone.
2. Low Pulse Rate and Blood Pressure
2. Low Rate and Blood Pressure e1316540077754 10 Dengue Fever Symptoms

This is one of the critical signs because there is an associated bleeding in gums that gives an impression that the condition of the patient is at risk. In most cases, doctors would advise blood transfusion to avoid further blood loss, which would cause death if not identified right away. This is the reason why you have to take note of the six to ten symptoms rather than taking self-medication since it does not give a guarantee that medicine for fever, headaches, and body pains would fight and treat the problem. They are just good for support but it cannot lessen the symptoms.
1. Pale or Flushing Pink Rash
1. Pale or Flushing Pink Rash e1316540143575 10 Dengue Fever Symptoms
It would just start as small flushing pink rashes and later on when it reaches the second phase of the development of infection left in the body, increased rashes would appear on the face and would spread on other parts of the body. An extreme case of it, the body would swell later on, including the soles and palms, which are characterized with swollen and bright red rashes. Consistent sweating can be seen and felt. It is an impression that the patient’s case has reached its severe state.
We do not want to lose our lives neither the lives of our loved ones. By taking precautionary measures by being aware of the symptoms, it would help us to avoid further complications that might inflict more pain to us and could prolong the pain. Check and Get ready.

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