Forensic Experts Around The World - Top 10 Greatest Forensic Experts in the World

Before we have felt and recognize that we are really living in a contemporary world that offers high-end solutions with its innovative gadgets, machinery, and other modern equipment, not everyone is aware that people behind this successful creation have been acknowledged already. It was in October 2000 when Techies Day 2000 was introduced and being celebrated in the month of October. When you hear the word techie, it is actually a derivative term referring to interest in technology, computers, high-tech devices and something that can be associated in the field of science. It may not be a presidential decree and recognized holiday but it’s a national holiday recognized, especially by people who are in working in this field. To make it exciting, let us have a run-down of popular forensic experts who are part of this worldly recognition:
10. Alec Jeffreys
10. Alec Jeffreys e1317230910820 Top 10 Greatest Forensic Experts in the World

In the science field, he was a pioneer himself in forensic science study. He is a well-known British science and a forensic expert that has contributed the DNA printing and DNA profiling, which is a valuable contribution for crime laboratories across the globe. He is prominent in detective work, paternity testing, and immigration disputes. He is teaching at the University of Leicester in the field of genetics too.
9. William Bass
9. William Bass e1317231245388 Top 10 Greatest Forensic Experts in the World

A renowned forensic anthropologist that has an exceptional ability in identifying human remains and he even wrote various books that can be classified as fictions and non-fictions. He became a professor at the University of Tennessee where he also established the Forensic Anthropology Research Facility, which is also known as Body Farm that discusses identification techniques, which he willingly shared.
8. Sara Bisel
8. Sara Bisel e1317231332362 Top 10 Greatest Forensic Experts in the World

She holds a degree in Biochemistry along with classical area studies. Her focus is all about the health condition of the individual, especially evaluation of patients’ health conditions and specifically advanced content such as a deep study that she had in stomach content. Being a forensic pioneer expert allowed her to discover and research intensively, where her theories and processes have improved health and nutrition condition.
7. Edmond Locard
7. Edmond Locard e1317231397230 Top 10 Greatest Forensic Experts in the World

He finished medicine and law at the same time at Lyons and later on served as a criminology assistant to Mr. Alexandre Lacassagne. His experiences while working with Mr. Lacassagne has aided him to form the first police laboratory at Lyons Police Department where he had two assistants intended for two attic rooms. He is known for his incredible tenet about forensic science, which he personally formulated.
6. Joseph Bell
6. Joseph Bell e1317231502198 Top 10 Greatest Forensic Experts in the World

He was and is still an inspiration to all forensic pathology students who are taking or studying this degree. His popularity was heightened because of his techniques in this field, which he has boosted in the 19th up to 20th century. He inherited this intellectual and strong yearnings from his great grandfather who was a forensic surgeon named Benjamin Bell. Indeed, it runs in his blood and it could be passed on to one of his children.
5. William Maples
5. William Maples e1317231581297 Top 10 Greatest Forensic Experts in the World
His name was being echoed in the middle of 20th century and is still an inspiration to other anthropologists these days. He held a Ph.D., which allowed him to publish his book, which was co-authored by Michael, Broning entitled “Dead Men Do Tell Tales: The Strange and Fascinating Cases of a Forensic Anthropologist”. He became known for solving most of the unsolved cases that made him a noted anthropologist in his time.
4. Clea Koff
4. Clea Koff e1317231915386 Top 10 Greatest Forensic Experts in the World

She might be a woman, but her strong passion in anthropology specializing in studying the causes of human deaths by examining their remains, even when they are in advance decomposition. She also studied this as part of her advance learning. She finished a degree in forensic anthropology and had stayed in the United States, Bosnia, Rwanda, Coatia, Kosovo, and Serbia. She formed The Missing Persons Identification Center where she has been a great aid to help people identify their loved ones.
3. Michael Baden

Michael Baden Top 10 Greatest Forensic Experts in the World

He became popular because of his medical insights in relation to forensic pathology leading to the solution of the famous cases. He even hosted the famous HBO show entitled “Autopsy” and also worked at Fox News Channel. He served as Chief Medical Examiner from 1978 to 1979 in New York City. Some of the cases that he handled were involved with famous people such as John F. Kennedy, Phil Spector, O.J. Simpson, and others.
2. Cyril Wecht
2. Cyril Wecht1 e1317232336467 Top 10 Greatest Forensic Experts in the World

He started as a musician where he became a concertmaster from the University of Pittsburgh. Hence, his paths change when he worked at the Air Force where he became a forensic pathologist. He served as coroner from 1970 to 1980, and 1996 to 2006.
1. Henry Lee
1. Henry Lee e1317232577779 Top 10 Greatest Forensic Experts in the World
Because of the Chinese Civil War that his family experience, they moved to the United States where he studied Forensic Science and got his Ph.D. in biochemistry later on. He had handled the most sensitive and controversial cases that almost destroyed his career. But now, he is the most sought expert in this era.

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