Diseases That Cannot Be Cured - Top 10 Diseases That Cannot Be Cured

Modern science has been very eager to discover and know medicines and ways to cure diseases. With the help of the new and high technology we already have, it has been possible for science to make effective medicines for certain diseases that were incurable before. However, not all illnesses can be cured. Here is a list of the top ten ailments and sicknesses that still so not have treatment these days. Check it out to be informed and be knowledgeable on what ailments should be prevented.
Disease # 10: Polio
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Also known as a poliomyelitis or infantile paralysis, Polio is a viral infectious disease in the nervous system. It starts with fever, nausea, fatigue muscle pains and headaches. Eventually the person will have a permanent paralysis of his muscles in different parts of the body like the throat, chest or limbs. Polio has been known to have no cure but polio vaccines are actually available around the world for the help of its prevention. It should be better to have a child checked up to a physician early on to diagnose if there are signs of it. Otherwise, there will no longer be a way out.
Disease # 9: Ebola Virus
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The incurable virus is responsible for a deadly viral fever which is from chimpanzees and gorillas and can now be found in humans as well. It first occurred in 1976 at The Congo basin of Central Africa. The symptoms of the Ebola Virus are rashes, fever, and hemorrhage. Effects can be as uncanny seeing a person become mentally insane and incapable of judgment and making decisions, which will eventually come to death of an individual affected with this disease.
Disease # 8: Influenza
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Influenza is known by most people as the flu. It is an infection of the upper or lower respiratory tract. Its symptoms are chills, muscle pains, fever, and sore head and abdomen. It is caused by numerous strains categorized as A, B and C types of orthomyxoviruses.
Disease # 7: Lupus Erythematosus
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This disease is famously known as lupus. The disease is an autoimmune disorder that triggers chronic inflammation in the different parts of the body.There are three types of lupus: The systemic, drug-induced and the discoid. The Discoid lupus attacks only the skin and does not affect internal organs most of the time. While Systemic Lupus is the usual type that people get. Symptoms of this kind of Lupus attack kidneys, joints, hearts, the skin, the brain and membranes.
Disease # 6: Diabetes
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Although Diabetes is rampant, and many people would not think that it is actually, incurable, well, it actually is. The disease damages the breakdown of carbohydrates. This causes the incapacity to generate insulin and preserve a normal level of blood sugar. There are two types of Diabetes, the Type I diabetes which is also known as the insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus, and the Type II diabetes which is called non-insulin-dependent mellitus. The former mostly occurs in childhood and the latter usually begins after 40 years of age. The disease is incurable but there are ways that can help reduce the severity. These ways are by taking daily insulin injections and oral medications.
Disease # 5: Jakob Disease
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The Creuxtfeldt-Jakob disease is an uncommon fatal disease that attacks the central nervous system. This disease occurs mostly to adults in their 40s to their 70s. The symptoms of the disease are behavioural or psychiatric changes, dementia and eventually abnormal vision and involuntary movements.
Disease # 4: HIV/AIDS
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Another incurable disease is the HIV or AIDS. Almost all of you know that AIDS does not have a cure or treatment. This disease is transmissible and attacks the immune system. This damages the immune system making it vulnerable to infections and other diseases, which may cause death. AIDS is the final and worst stage of HIV infection. This is when fatal infections and even cancers begin. Records show that there are 38 million people who have HIV, about 5 million who catch the disease each year, and around 3 million people die because of the disease each year.
Disease # 3: Asthma
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Most of you might be surprised. Yes, Asthma is one of the top ten incurable diseases today. Asthma is a chronic disorder of the lungs. The airways of the lungs are swollen and most likely are prone to tightening and this causes wheezing, coughing, chest pain, and breathlessness. The swollen airways are sensitive to certain stimuli including animal dander, air pollution, cigarette smoke, medications, pollen, dust mites and exercise. Most of the victims of Asthma attack are children ten years or lower and mostly boys get the disorder more than girls do.
Disease # 2: Common Colds
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This is another disease or infection that is surprisingly incurable. Although a lot of people have and get the common colds almost every day, this acute viral infection doesn’t have its own cure. A lot of aspects and viruses cause the common colds; this includes parainfluenza, influenza, reoviruses, and respiratory syncytial viruses and Rhinoviruses, which is the most common cause.
Disease # 1: Cancer
Cancer Top 10 Diseases That Cannot Be Cured
We all know that Cancer still does not have a cure. Cancer indicates around 100 unique diseases categorized by the growth of abnormal cells in the body. It is actually one of the major causes of sickness and death all over the world. Although there is no exact cure for cancer, there are still improved treatments like diagnosis, surgeries, therapies and chemotherapeutic drugs.

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