Interview tips - Interview is your first impression

Interview is your first impression on your dream company after your resume. From clothes to conduct to language to information to skill – everything is important. Employers don’t just want a skilled person, they want a complete package of skills and soft skills. Questions may differ from industry to industry, but some dos and don’ts remain the same. Here are a few tips for your next interview:
Know yourself
Though more important for first timers, but even those who have worked for a few years tend to short sell themselves. Know your strong, weak and saleable points. Understand the job profile thoroughly and articulate your words accordingly.
Know the interviewer
In times of social networking and professional networking it’s very easy to know the person you are scheduled to meet. Try to look up the profile of the interviewer, it will help you conduct yourself in the right way.
Identify saleable points and talk well about them
You know your job and your achievements more than anyone. Be prepared and prioritise them in your head. Depending on the profile state nice and crisp without sounding verbose.
Do not keep personals on the table
This includes everything from - bag, wallet, mobile and also your elbows. In terms of body language, this is a complete no. Don’t rest yourself o the table and keep your bag near the chair you are sitting on.
Informal formality
That’s the style for an interview these days. You have to be proper, without being stiff.
Dress smart
Your dress up may not be the only thing, but it’s the first thing to be noticed. Wearing formals is safe and best. Stay away from T-Shirts and torn jeans. Comfort and cleanliness should be the motto.
Ladies, be minimal
We are asking you to dress smart and not provocative. Stay away from plunging neck lines or short skirts. Heavy duppattas and too much jewelry will also be difficult to handle and will distract both the parties.
If you don't know the answer accept it
It’s not necessary that everyone knows everything. Please do not cook up, if you don't know the answer say so. Don't jump to answer a question, take time to think.
Don't try to be a wisecrack
Sense of humour is great, but in an interview you will be judged for things which matter to the company. Be light hearted but don’t be frivolous. For phone interviews, don’t let sarcasm make way through your voice.
Everyone wants a positive person
This may sound like a cliche, but be good human being. Employers are looking for more than skills. Be smart, don't criticise and don't accept criticism, tackle it.
Learn from every interaction
Every job profile has its own requirements. Don’t be disheartened if you are not called for the next round. Review it in your mind and do your learning and move to the next one.
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