Top 10 richest provinces in the philippines

1. CEBU - Supports the Financial Growth of the Nation, Philippines second Makati.

2. BULACAN - Most products of the nation, are found here, and being distributed in Manila.

                 Most developed province from Metro Manila.

3. PANGASINAN - Financial Capital of the 21 provinces in Northern Luzon. Tourism,

               Agriculture, Handicrafts, Fishing, and Salt making, are the major industries that are

              being done in the province. Also called, The Heartland of the Philippines.

4. LAGUNA - Some Economic Zones are located here. Important products are manufactured


5. BATANGAS- Oil is one of the province, main industries.

6. NEGROS OCCIDENTAL - Having the most cities in a province, for sure shows good

             Urban and Rural development, of every city and municipality.

7. PAMPANGA - Considered an Urban province, and has an improvement in almost all

                             facilities, ( roads, public markets, etc...)

8. CAVITE - Different kinds of activities are done there for the growth of the province.

9. DAVAO DEL SUR - Davao City, is a strong city making the province in a developed state.

10. PALAWAN - Tourism is the province main industry, known as the last frontier. The

                 economy of the province is still emerging.

 11. MISAMIS ORIENTAL - Cagayan de Oro City, is a competitive city to make the province


12. ILOILO - Urban, Agricultural, and Fishing development in the province, is very good.
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